It all depends on what kind of food that they order. If it was something like       Wow, I can’t think of any bad food.


Pretty sure you just got me down in one there, I wouldn’t feel bad if it weren’t for the food.


Then I’ll see if my grandfather could fall on you sometime soon. Yeah, your mind can really filter out the sarcasm with what is real, I’m ever so proud.


That’s a bit harsh, I’m not as pudgy as I look he could really hurt himself. Your pride random blonde girl is something I strive for, every day of my life.


We’ve all experienced that one time or another, I guess we’re all bad people deep down.


Then again I’m pretty sure worse things happen in New York. Actually, totally sure. 


How does that make you a bad person when they can slip and get their food covered body all over you? Karma comes in many forms for rebels like you.


Depends on how hot the person is I guess. I am pretty fucking hardcore, I get it.


Especially little kids. Man, it’s just so funny to see their shocked little faces.


What about those stupid people that go back up to the counter and ask for a free replacement, I mean, are you kidding me?



I s’pose I deserved that?

I can’t shake the feeling that it makes me a really bad person to laugh as much as I do when people drop food or drink they just ordered all down themselves.


People who say “oo kill em’” are the worst kind of people. Say it and you’ll be unfriended, blocked, deleted, murdered, and everything else.


My little sister wanted to go into the city to go to the Disney store, I think these kids were vining and one of them was shouting swaggy so my sister went over there with her full grumpy face on and just pushed him in the back of the knees and yelled “No!”. I’ll get her on the case about ‘ooh kill em’ soon.

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Here’s a big fuck you to whoever stole my green.


How did you manage to get it stolen in the first place?

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The city that never sleeps. Iconic and tragic.


Not to mention angry.

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